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Next Gen Diamonds Made from Air

We are proud to announce that we are one of the first jewelers in the world to use carbon-negative diamonds for our Engagement Rings. Every diamond ring we produce helps to actively reduce carbon from the air.


Our Carbon-Negative Diamond Rings

Our unique diamond engagement rings shine with resources from sustainable materials and humane conditions, made for a future generation to experience the wonders of our nature.


Let's get smart

It's true the process of making a diamond can be complicated, especially one that saves our planet. We took out the complicated parts and summarized the making-of our diamonds for you. Take a look at those 3 steps and you will see, its not that complicated.

Capture CO2

Setting our patented diamond production process into beautiful motion, CO2 is captured directly from the atmosphere. This step has no geographic constraints and can be done anywhere in the world.

Diamond Growth

Atmospheric Methane is fed into specialized chemical vapor deposition reactors that are powered by 100% clean energy. Over the next several weeks, diamond crystals grow one ambitious atom at a time.


Once the diamond crystals are fully formed, they are rough cut with a laser in-house before being sent out for final polishing and cutting. After those steps, the final diamond is ready to be placed in one of our ring settings. 

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