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What you can expect from your appointment with us

In our initial video call we'll provide you with more information about us, our values, our expertise, and our carbo-negative diamonds.

Together we'll discuss your ideas, inspirations, needs, and budget. Our expertise allows us to advise on diamond and design options, and we can help make your ideas a reality.

During our call, we will provide an overview of the 4Cs and discuss the differences between carbon-negative and lab-grown diamonds. And of course answer any specific questions you might have.

Let's begin your ring journey: finding the perfect diamond, finalizing the design, sharing the CAD design, getting your approval, and finally going into full production. All our jewelry is handmade with the highest quality, so this process can take 4-6 weeks.

Get $100 off your custom ring

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer 1:1 conversations to provide support for you. As a token of appreciation, you will receive $100 off your ring design after the conversation. We strive to ensure you feel heard and supported throughout your experience with us.


Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Ring

and get $100 off your ring project after our conversation. Our knowledge and expertise ensure an informed decision, finding your perfect diamond within your budget and lifestyle.