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Divorce Rings - Diamonds Don't Lose Their Sparkle After "I Do" Ends

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Give your pre-loved stones a new purpose! 

Model and entrepreneur Emily Ratajkowski resonated with many when she told Vogue, "A woman should not be dispossessed of her diamonds just because she loses her husband." We couldn't agree more! Diamonds hold memories and deserve a new beginning, even if your relationship has changed.

This is where the magic of reimagining your jewelry comes in. Instead of tucking away a ring that no longer reflects your current journey, consider breathing new life into it!

We've been inspired by Emily Ratajkowski's empowered statement and have created two stunning designs to showcase the possibilities: The Emily and The Emilia.

The Emily Princess Cut Diamond Ring:

This sophisticated piece features a dazzling princess-cut diamond, its geometric brilliance reflecting your sharp intellect and unwavering confidence. The princess cut maximizes sparkle, mirroring your own unwavering clarity and drive. Tapered side stones frame the center stone, adding a touch of understated luxury that complements your minimalist style. Crafted from 14k recycled gold, the Emily embodies your commitment to both excellence and sustainability.

The Emilia Pear Diamond Ring:

Where elegance meets empowerment, the Emilia pear-shaped diamond ring is a statement piece. This exquisite design features a stunning pear-shaped diamond, embodying timeless elegance and empowering you to define your own happily ever after. The elongated pear-shaped diamond flatters the finger with its graceful curves, reflecting your unique style and captivating confidence. Crafted from ethically sourced 14k yellow gold, the Emilia Ring is a symbol of strength, individuality, and the brilliance you bring to the world.

Beyond Divorce: Reimagine Any Pre-Loved Jewelry

Whether your jewelry holds memories of a past relationship or simply represents a bygone era in your personal style, at Juwels & Co. we believe it deserves a new beginning. Our custom design service allows you to breathe new life into any diamond or gemstone, creating a piece that reflects your current self.

Do you have a family heirloom gathering dust in a drawer? Old earrings crying out for a new purpose? We can help!

Schedule a Consultation with Julia

Our expert jeweler, Julia, will guide you through the process of reimagining your pre-loved pieces. Together, you'll discuss your vision, explore design options, and create a piece that embodies your unique story.

Learn more and schedule your consultation today. Let's turn your past into a sparkling symbol of your empowered present!