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Rose Toi-et-Moi Two Stone Diamond Ring

Rose Toi-et-Moi Two Stone Diamond Ring

This unique Two-Stone diamond setting is also known as the Toi et Moi ring. Which translates to 'you and me' in French and might be some of the most romantic and simple words you can tell someone. Therefore this Ring is the most forward way to express your feelings.

Juwels & Co. has predetermined diamond quality standards. Our real diamonds are certified by GIA and IGI. For our center stones we use a revolutionary, new technology to grow diamonds made out of carbon pulled from the air. This technology allows us to actively combat global warming and to make a positive impact on the climate crisis.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, all diamond engagement rings are made to order. As soon as you place your order, manufacturing will begin. Due to this modern technology, Air Diamonds are still extremely rare and unique. Therefore our turnaround time for creating an engagement ring is a 4-6 weeks.

 STARTING AT: $15,900.00

Be the architect of your own engagement ring

The four key elements used to describe diamond quality are called the “Four Cs.” These four characteristics are how all diamonds are judged and here’s a brief breakdown of each.

Carat  - Diamonds are measured by their carat weight. Large diamonds are rarer than small ones. Besides the other 3 Cs, carat is based purely on personal preference. 

Cut - When a diamond is well-cut, light travels through it in a breathtaking way. That's why we only offer excellent-cut diamonds. 

Clarity - During the growing process of a diamond, they can form natural marks called inclusions or blemishes. We recommended diamonds from FL (flawless - no marks) to VS2 (very slightly included marks).

Color - The majority of diamonds used in jewelry are almost colorless with a slight yellowish or brown tinge. Color is described using different letters – we recommend diamonds from D (colorless) to J (near colorless).

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